Exterion Media: Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster

Exterion Media, the OOH media owner, created a real time tool to assist advertising in optimising their DOOH campaigns.

Campaign details

Brand: Exterion Media Agency: MeMo2

Project Summary

MeMo2 observed an important transformation within the domain of marketing analytics, namely: the transformation from 'Descriptive Analytics (What happened?) to 'Prescriptive Analytics' (How to shape the future?). This transformation has become a motivatio

Exterion Media and MeMo succeeded in developing and launching an intelligent and user friendly tool, that is able to predict the impact of an (Digital) Outdoor campaign. The Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster™ is an online machine learning tool, that offers powerful validated predictions, taking into account the most important variables that could influence the effect of (Digital)Outdoor advertising. Currently the Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster™ is implemented within the research products offered by Exterion Media. Since 2018 the tool is used for the (Digital)Outdoor campaigns of more than 100 advertisers. Digital Out-of-Home Experts of Exterion Media use the tool to provide clients with actionable, trustworthy and independent recommendations, before campaigns run. Forecasts and recommendations coming from the tool are highly appreciated by Media and Research experts working at launching partners and key clients such as Coca-Cola, , Tele2 and ING. Independent global agency MeMo stopped offering its 'traditional' Outdoor pretesting methodology and has become a frequent user of the Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster since the launch. After filling in an  and uploading the (D)OOH ads, forecasts and recommendations are delivered within 48 hours. This quick response offers marketeers a data solution for short-term optimization of their DOOH campaign strategy.