Disease, terror, fraud and recession. The four horsemen of the modern apocalypse?

Much has been written in Asia over the past year on SARS and the effect it has had, amongst other things, on consumer behaviour.

Disease, Terror, Fraud and Recession

The four horseman of the modern apocalypse?

Fung Shing KwongACNielsen North Asia, Hong Kong SAR

Lisa LeeCommunications, ACNielsen Asia-Pacific

David McCallumACNielsen


Many Asian markets took a battering in

Opportunities do exist as these crises change behaviour and attitudes. These are either in the form of changes in habits or where there is a short term increase in trial, the experience of that trial needs better understanding to convert into longer term repeat. The early days are probably the most important to research the motivations for change, the nature of media habits and so forth. For as time goes by the sharp shocks of these crises become more and more absorbed into longer term and broader macro-trends such as the likes of health consciousness, environmental awareness and the like.







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