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Thursday 29 July 2021
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The Future of Identity

Presented by Alex Brownsell, senior editor for media at WARC, takes us through what the future of identity will really look like.
Thursday 15 July 2021
WARC Talks

Creativity and fame

Presented by Paul Feldwick and Jane Wakely, who discuss whether marketers need to rethink their approach to creativity and the power of fame.
rainbow lgbtq
Thursday 08 July 2021
WARC Talks


Presented by Catherine Driscoll, Commissioning Editor at WARC, and Nic Allum, SVP & Principal of Strategy and Culture at New Moon, who explore LGBTQ+ marketing best practices.
rethinking brand
Thursday 01 July 2021
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Brand-building and the Rise of Digital Commerce

Presented by David Tiltman, VP of content at WARC, and Lena Roland, managing editor of WARC.com.
Thursday 17 June 2021
WARC Talks

Movable middle

Presented by Joel Rubinson and Greg Stuart who discuss the movable middle as a new way to target consumers and how it could replace reach as the basis of effective media planning.
customer retention
Thursday 03 June 2021
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Customer Retention

WARC’s Anna Hamill, senior editor for brands and editor of the recent WARC Guide to Customer Retention, discusses the debate around acquisition and retention, and how e-commerce is changing the way brands think about retention.
Thursday 20 May 2021
WARC Talks


WARC talks attention with Karen Nelson-Field, CEO and founder of Amplified Intelligence, Mike Follett, managing director at Lumen Research, and Ian Edwards, head of connection planning at Facebook.
Thursday 06 May 2021
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New thinking in B2B marketing

Lena Roland, managing editor of WARC.com, discusses the similarities in B2B and B2C marketing best practice, the role of emotion in B2B marketing and the new generation of B2B buyers.
Thursday 22 April 2021
WARC Talks

Share of search

Presented by James Hankins and Shann Biglione, who discuss how marketers can use share of search as a metric and if this could be a new way to prove the effectiveness of advertising.
Thursday 22 April 2021
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Shoppable media

Presented by Alex Brownsell who takes us through why social commerce is so important, the role of influencers in effective livestream shoppable content and what shoppable media might look like in five years’ time.
Thursday 22 April 2021
WARC Talks

Digital rent and digital availability

Presented by Grace Kite and Gemma Spence who talk digital rent and digital availability and the implications they have for the way marketers approach their budgets.
Thursday 15 April 2021

Welcome to the WARC Podcast

The first episode from the WARC Podcast, hosted by WARC’s VP of content, David Tiltman, which focuses on key topics and trends in the world of marketing effectiveness.


WARC regularly partners with marketing thought leaders to present in-depth webinars, getting you up to speed on the most pressing marketing challenges today.

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22nd July 2021

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The future of identity after third-party cookies

Robin Berjon, VP Data Governance at The New York Times, explains why user identity is only ever meaningful in a specific context.
digital commerce
14th July 2021

Does brand matter in digital commerce?

Mudit Jaju, Global Head of e-commerce at Wavemaker, and Gabey Goh, Asia Editor at WARC, look at the role brand plays in digital purchase journeys and whether brand managers need to change their approaches.
14th July 2021

How do you balance brand-building and performance for online sales?

Dr Grace Kite, Founder of Magic Numbers, and Harry Davidson, Head of UK Marketing Science at Facebook, look at the evidence to date.
14th July 2021

Do you need online ads to drive online sales?

Mike Menkes, Senior Vice President of Analytic Partners, and Patrick Miller, Co-President, Digital Commerce, at Flywheel, look at the current thinking around media investment for online sales.
customer lifetime value
18th May 2021

Only available to WARC subscribers.

How to build a successful customer lifetime value program

Provides practical advice on building future-fit CLV models.
28 April 2021

Changing channels in B2B

Jorrit DeVries discusses the future of B2B marketing in the tech and telco space, the trends to watch, and how to adapt for a stronger B2B brand.
16 March 2021

Only available to WARC subscribers.

Shoppable media as an omnichannel strategy

Isobar Commerce's Patrick Deloy and Nathan Petralia share insights from the WARC Guide to Shoppable Media.
25 February 2021

Only available to WARC subscribers.

A behavioural science toolkit to aid price and value optimisation

Crawford Hollingworth identifies the key concepts used to optimise price and value.
Media Trends
20 January 2021

Only available to WARC subscribers.

Top Trends in Media and Society for 2021

Dan Calladine, head of media futures at Carat discusses key insights from its recently released annual report.
14 December 2020

Only available to WARC subscribers.

Marketer's Toolkit 2021

A collection of three webinars that helps marketers put their 2021 plan in context and seek new opportunities to develop effective strategies to grow their business.

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